MailChimp meets Zoho Mailchimp 4 Zoho

When two superheroes meet, the world becomes a little less chaotic. MailChimp for Zoho creates an all-in-one dashboard to integrate both your marketing and sales teams, creating one dynamic super team for your organization.

Mailchimp 4 Zoho Super Hero

Three easy steps to get started


Add It

Signup takes less than 1 minute


Configure It

Immediately start syncing your lists


Mail It

Manange mailchimp directly from within Zoho CRM


We've got you covered

With only a few mouse clicks, your team can create fully-customized email campaigns through MailChimp and send them directly from your Zoho CRM account to your Leads or Contacts stored within MailChimp. Through this integration, you gain full access to detailed reports on a number of metrics, including email open rates, bounce rates, etc. These metrics will give sales and marketing teams keen insight into how your clients are reacting to your campaigns.

Full Featured Zoho MailChimp Extension

Includes modules to view mailing lists and templates from Mailchimp as well as custom functionality that transforms your Zoho Campaign module into a fully featured Email Marketing provider.

  • Create and send Campaigns without ever logging into MailChimp
  • Create and manage lists with a simple interface
  • Track data within the lead section for improved reporting for sales team
  • Manage Mailchimp templates from within Zoho CRM (editing coming soon)


Deep integration with the MailChimp API ensures your marketing campaign emails go to your client's inbox - not to their spam box!

'corePHP' will continue to provide updates and feature enhancemens. Contact us to let us know what you want.

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